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We offer an extensive range of conveyancing services & our specialist property solicitors can assist you with everything, from buying or selling to remortgaging your property or entering into a joint tenancy.

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Whether you're buying, selling or remortgaging your property, it can be a very stressful time for all parties involved, especially when it comes to the technical legal procedures. However, here at Dodds Solicitors we offer a comprehensive conveyancing service and have a wealth of experience in all legal and practical aspects of your house move, ensuring the smoothest, most stress-free process possible.

We offer a comprehensive conveyancing service and have a wealth of experience in all legal and practical aspects of your house move

Buying and Selling your Home

Whether buying, selling or both, moving home is one of the most stressful things you can do. However, our team of specialist property solicitors are here to help, guiding you through every stage of the process and providing you with reports and updates throughout.

Our complete service includes checking that there are no defects to the property title and ensuring that you are getting exactly what you are paying for. We can suggest and arrange for all necessary searches to be carried out, and put you in contact with respected local surveyors and mortgage advisors to provide their valuable expertise. We will also raise and deal with any enquires concerning the property and help guide you through the Exchange of Contracts and Completion.

Our dedicated team deal with the entire spectrum of house moves, including new build properties, part-buy-part-rent, shared ownership properties, remortgages, equity release mortgages, purchasing plots of land and transfers of equity. And, as a comprehensive solicitor's firm, we can even help you update or make your Will following your move and assist you in considering any Tax Planning requirements.

Joint Tenancy and Declaration of Trust

If you are buying a property with someone else, whether they are your partner, friend or business associate, you will need to consider the implications and technical procedures of joint ownership. The new property can either be held as Joint Tenants or Tenants in Common, both of which come with various technicalities and legal details.

If the property is held as Joint Tenants, you do not own a specific share in the property and if one of you dies, the property is automatically passed to the surviving owner, or owners, regardless of what is set out in a Will. On a sale, it is assumed that the property is held equally and, as a result, all proceeds of the sale will be shared equally.

On the other hand, if the property is held as Tenants in Common, each owner has a specific share and interest in the property, and can deal with that share as their own. That share can then be sold, transferred or gifted to someone in your Will or, if you have not made a Will, under the Intestacy Rules to your next of kin.

If there are more than two owners, unequal shares or varying contributions to the purchase of the property, we can prepare a Declaration of Trust, which sets out these arrangements to avoid any future disagreements. Declarations of Trust can be as simple or complicated as required, and are comparatively inexpensive when contrasted to the cost of resolving issues in the future.

Remortgage and Transfer of Equity

There are several reasons why people choose to remortgage their property, including raising capital for home improvements and obtaining better mortgage deals. Whatever your reasons, our conveyancing team can help you through the entire process and put you in contact with respected local mortgage advisors.

We can guide you through the process of mortgage paperwork and title issues, and can deal with any searches or search insurance which may be required. We will also deal with the redemption of your current mortgage and the registration of your new one at the Land Registry.

A transfer of equity is most common when you wish to add a new partner to the title and mortgage, or when co-habitees or partners decide they no longer want to live together, but one co-owner wishes to continue living in the property. Subject to the consent of any lender who has secured a charge on the property, the specialists at Dodds Solicitors can deal with the transfer of equity quickly and efficiently.

Our residential conveyancing team can help you through the process and ensure that the transfer is as smooth as possible. We prepare all the necessary paperwork, deal with any searches or search insurance which may be required, and deal with the registration of the transfer at the Land Registry.

So for more information on any of our conveyancing services, get in touch with the friendly and highly experienced professionals at Dodds today.

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