Following on from our Shakespeare Week themed blogs last week, our Crime Department have been considering the culpability of Lady Macbeth in the play, Macbeth. You may remember that Macbeth was told by three witches that he would become King. To become King, King Duncan would need to die. Macbeth returned to his home and told his wife, Lady Macbeth of the prophecy by the witches. Keen to become a Queen, Lady Macbeth persuaded Macbeth, despite his objections, to kill the King. They then proceeded to plan how to do so including framing the King’s guards for the murder.

Which, if any, crimes has Lady Macbeth committed? She may have been guilty of conspiracy to commit murder. A conspiracy is an agreement by two or more people to carry out a criminal act, in this case murder.

Why was Lady Macbeth never prosecuted? It was only Lady Macbeth and Macbeth who were party to the plan of murder. Neither of them revealed what discussions they had. Therefore, the offence of conspiracy to commit murder was not known about.

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