A national newspaper recently reported that an increasing number of couples are entering into Pre-Nuptial or Living Together Agreements to protect their assets if they should separate and it appears that often they are being strongly encouraged to do so by their parents.

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As it is becoming increasingly difficult to get on the property ladder with many people finding it more challenging to save enough for a deposit quite often parents are helping their adult children by lending or giving them money for a deposit.

Whilst such parents no doubt do not want their children to split up with their partners they also know from experience that unfortunately couples sometimes do separate. In such a situation parents naturally want to ensure that their child’s financial position should be protected in the event of separation.

A pre-nuptial agreement or living together agreement will provide certainty as to who is entitled to what share of any property in the event of a divorce or separation.

It is also important to consider, if parents are providing a deposit to assist with a property purchase, to take legal advice as to whether a trust deed is required to ensure such a deposit would be repaid to the parents in the event of a sale of a property at a future date.

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