As taking court proceedings can be very costly and time consuming, a large number of people are now choosing to use mediation to resolve disputes as it can be cheaper and quicker to resolve any outstanding disputes rather than pursuing matters through the courts.

If you need our mediation services, please give us a call on 0116 262 8596.

What is mediation?

A mediator will not impose their own solution upon the parties but will help them to reach a solution between themselves. The mediator may meet with both parties at the start of the mediation or the mediation may be on a shuttle basis, where the parties remain in separate rooms and do not meet each other throughout the negotiations.

The benefit of mediation is that the parties remain in charge of the process and find their own solution rather than having a solution imposed upon them by a Judge.

What is Commercial Mediation?

Commercial mediation is becoming increasingly popular for settling disputes between businesses or employment disputes as parties can become very fixed in their position during court proceedings.

Mediation allows the parties involved to settle matters on a basis where they can work with each other in the future, which may be more difficult if they have faced each other across a court room.

What is Civil Mediation?

Mediation is increasingly being used to settle property disputes between cohabiting couples and also disputes involving the estates of people who have died. In both those situations emotions can run high and the legal costs of pursuing the matters through the court can be very expensive.

When the parties attend mediation the issues will be dealt with on a single day, and the intention is that a binding agreement will be drawn up at the conclusion of the negotiations.

At Dodds Solicitors we have two mediators; Ashwin Topiwala has been qualified as a civil and commercial mediator since 2017 and his colleague Sarah Spence qualified as a mediator earlier this year.

Dodds Solicitors also have facilities for you to take part in a mediation at our premises or alternatively, we can travel to other premises if you prefer.

For more information please contact either;

Ashwin – (left)

Sarah – (right)

Sarah joins the Mediation Centre with our Partner Ashwin Topiwala

You can always speak to one of our friendly team by calling our office on 0116 262 8596.

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