The Divorce, Dissolution & Separation Bill [HL] 2019-20 is due to have it’s second hearings in the House of Lords today which means there will be a general debate on all aspects of the bill.

The Bill intends to remove the requirement for the person applying for the divorce to establish facts as to why the marriage has irretrievably broken down such as adultery or unreasonable behaviour. Instead they must simply provide a statement to the effect that the marriage has irretrievably broken down. Thus creating a system by which parties can divorce without the need to lay blame at the door of either party.

Resolution, an organisation which aims to promote a fair and conciliatory approach to dealing with family law issues, has been campaigning for a faultless divorce system for some considerable time and with Dodds Solicitors having a number of Resolution solicitors working in our practice, this is something we wholeheartedly support.

There are always reasons for the breakdown of a marriage and sometimes it may be justified to report those reasons however there are many couples who may for example have reached a mutual agreement that their marriage has broken down and who wish to move forward as friends. For these people it is difficult to see how having to lay blame is helpful.

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