We are all facing new challenges due to the Covid 19 pandemic and new ways of working for those working from home but we are beginning to adjust.

Mediation has become an increasingly popular way of resolving disputes in recent years and it enables the parties in a dispute to agree a resolution with the help of a mediator rather than going through long drawn up and expensive court proceedings.

Whilst the civil courts have not completely closed, they are only able to deal with urgent matters and a number of cases will be delayed. It makes sense therefore to consider mediation and whether it would be better to resolve matters now rather than wait until the pandemic is over, because let’s face it we have no reassurances when this will be.

At Dodds Solicitors our Civil and Commercial Mediators, Ashwin Topiwala and Sarah Spence, are still available to help you resolve your disputes using video conferencing facilities and help you stay in control of your situation.

For more information please contact us by email at ashwin.topiwala@dodds-solicitors.co.uk or sarah.spence@dodds-solicitors.co.uk on 0116 201 8566 ‘Option 6’ for dispute resolution.

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