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Family Mediation

Find a solution to your relationship breakdown by agreement rather than conflict.

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Family Mediation

The breakdown of a relationship can be a very stressful time, but as this becomes a reality for many families, the Mediation and Collaborative Law process offers you another way to settle your differences using a different approach.

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Find a solution to your relationship breakdown by agreement rather than conflict.

Our team are able to help you to deal with your separation by reaching solutions together with your former partner in a non-aggressive and constructive manner.

Family Mediation Service

Here at Dodds Solicitors, we also offer a range of highly effective family mediation services, in circumstances where it is appropriate. Family mediation can be a great method of dispute resolution, and offers couples going through partnership and marital breakdowns an ideal platform to discuss, and hopefully reach an agreement on, matters resulting from the dissolution of their relationship.

Our family mediation service, an operational division of Dodds, was formed in 2000 and is headed up by Ashwin Topiwala, a fully trained and experienced family mediator. It provides independent mediation to those involved in family breakdown issues and offers an alternative to the court process.

Generally much faster and more effective than going to court, mediation is often much less stressful and upsetting, costs less than court proceedings and grants the parties involved a chance to co-operate and communicate with each other to reach a mutual agreement on matters such as their children, property and finances. This can be particularly beneficial in situations where dependent children are involved.

For more information on our mediation services, contact the friendly and highly experienced professionals at Dodds Solicitors today, and we will help arrange an appointment with Ashwin Topiwala at your earliest convenience.

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Collaborative Law

Collaborative Law offers you an alternative way to resolve issues when a relationship breaks down. You can resolve issues relating to divorce, deal with matters concerning the children, resolve financial and property matters and address any other issues which may be relevant to you without involving the Court.

You and your former partner have your own collaboratively trained solicitor and you all sit down together and work out issues in open discussions with your own solicitor supporting and advising you throughout the whole process. There will be a series of meetings and you all work together to resolve all issues in the best possible way. You have control of the process and will set your own agenda with the help of your solicitors and you will talk about the things that matter to you and your family.

At the start of the process, you, your former partner and your Collaborative solicitor sign an agreement that you will not take the matter to Court. If the process does break down, then you and your former partner cannot use your collaborative solicitor anymore and have to instruct new solicitors. This means that your collaborative Solicitors are absolutely committed to helping you find the best solutions by agreement rather than through conflict, and you and your former partner will also be absolutely committed to the process.

If you would like more information about the collaborative process then please contact Reena Johl our collaborative lawyer here at Dodds Solicitors, on 0116 201 8566.

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