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Dispute Resolution

If you have a legal matter which needs to be resolved, contact Dodds immediately. We deal with a large range of legal disputes. We will provide individual advice taking into account your personal circumstances, and advise you about the various options open to you. We offer a first appointment for advice at a reduced cost of £85.00 plus VAT. We will confirm the advice given to you in writing.

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Dispute Resolution

Our dispute resolution services are extensive, helping to bridge the gap between two parties and reduce the costs associated with disputes in a clear and practical way.

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We deal with the following types of dispute:

Disputes regarding Property Ownership

For more information about property disputes between cohabiting couples, please see here. We can also draw up a Separation Agreement for you if you are separating or are in a Living Together agreement, or if you want to reach an agreement about matters at the start of your relationship.

Inheritance Disputes

If you were expecting to receive an inheritance from a family member and you did not, it may be possible to make a claim against a deceased person’s estate, or if you believe a relative did not have the correct mental capacity to make a will it may be possible to challenge their will through the courts. Click here for more information.

Contract Disputes

Disputes over the terms and conditions of a contract – for example, contracts between two businesses or a business and an individual.

Consumer Disputes

Disputes regarding defective goods, contracts for goods and services – for example, disputes with a builder or garage.

Boundary Disputes/Neighbour Disputes

Disputes regarding fences, high hedges, etc.

Any legal dispute can be extremely stressful. Sarah Spence, who heads up this department, is a very experienced solicitor with over 25 years’ experience in this area. Sarah has dealt with numerous legal disputes, including high value claims. She knows that any type of dispute can be very stressful for those affected. Sarah offers a fixed fee appointment costing £85 plus VAT. At the appointment you will be advised as to your options and the appointment will be followed up by a letter confirming the advice given.

Please contact Sarah on 0116 201 8566or at sarah.spence@dodds-solicitors.co.uk to arrange an appointment if you need advice.

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