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At what age can a person be criminalised?

The age of criminal responsibility in England and Wales is 10 years old.  This is much lower than other countries. For example, the age of criminal responsibility is 14 years... Read more

Is it best to represent yourself or instruct a solicitor in relation to motoring matters?

Many people receive paperwork through the post having allegedly committed a road traffic offence such as speeding and do not know how to deal with it.  We can assist you.... Read more

Steve Morris makes Leicestershire Law Society Senior Solicitor of The Year Shortlist!

We are absolutely delighted to announce that Steve Morris, our Senior Partner and Head of our Crime Team has been shortlisted for Leicestershire Law Society’s Senior Solicitor of the Year.... Read more

Crown Court Sentencing Remarks to be Televised – Does this really make the system more transparent?

The Crown Court (Recording and Broadcasting) Order 2020, draft legislation laid before the Government yesterday, allows the sentencing remarks of Judges in the Crown Courts in England and Wales to... Read more
9th February 2018

Is it harassment to send your Valentine a card, flowers and chocolates this Valentine’s Day?

With the increase in allegations of harassment, especially in Hollywood, it has been a topic of conversation in the Press about what does and does not constitute harassment. This got... Read more
8th September 2017

Do you use your Mobile Phone whilst Driving?

If you, like many others, use your mobile phone whilst driving, you should be ever more aware of the increase in the penalties. Mobile phones are used and relied upon... Read more
23rd March 2015

Why was Lady Macbeth never Prosecuted?

Following on from our Shakespeare Week themed blogs last week, our Crime Department have been considering the culpability of Lady Macbeth in the play, Macbeth. You may remember that Macbeth... Read more