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6th December 2018

SRA Transparency Rules Cost & Service – Debt Recovery

Debt recovery: Range of fixed fees Our civil litigation department is headed by Sarah Spence who has over 25 years’ experience of dealing with litigation claims and is a member... Read more

Debt Recovery

If you are having difficulties with customers not paying their invoices and need assistance with debt collection then please contact Sarah Spence Associate Solicitor at Dodds Solicitors. Sarah can advise... Read more
29th September 2016

Happy Clients Part 2

Further to the earlier blog from my colleague Samantha Downs I am pleased to be able to share that I have also had some very positive comments recently from clients... Read more
23rd September 2016

e Price of Everything and the Value of Nothing?

I recently received a refund from a train company following a much delayed journey and a completely cancelled train forcing me to take a lengthy detour. The refund was approximately... Read more
29th April 2016

Local Legal Team Supports Local Team

Despite the wind, snow and frost turning us blue, we will, as local Solicitors and Supporters of Leicester City, our local team, be putting a bit of blue in everything... Read more
8th October 2015

Reconciliation after Divorce and Unintended Consequences

Although it doesn’t happen very often some couples do get back together even many years after they have divorced. It may surprise you to learn that when this happens there... Read more
30th September 2015


It is becoming increasingly more usual for couples to live together rather than get married however the English legal system does not really have a framework that suits couples who... Read more
25th March 2015

Richard III and his impact on the Law of England and Wales

The eyes of the world are definitely upon Leicester this week as 530 years after the hasty burial following his death and defeat at the Battle of Bosworth the body... Read more