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10th August 2017

Living with extended Family

A growing number of families have more than 2 generations living in the same property especially as it becomes more difficult to obtain mortgages and to get a foot on... Read more
30th March 2017

You can’t take it with you when you go….

However thanks to a recent court decision there is more certainty that your wishes will be followed after your death. The law regarding inheritance Act Claims has recently been clarified... Read more
29th September 2016

Happy Clients Part 2

Further to the earlier blog from my colleague Samantha Downs I am pleased to be able to share that I have also had some very positive comments recently from clients... Read more
13th July 2016

Getting Married Abroad: What To Be Aware Of

An increasing number of couples are slashing their wedding costs by marrying abroad in most cases this can take a lot of stress out of the big day however it... Read more
11th July 2016

When is a marriage not a marriage?

This may seem like an unusual question however some couples who choose to have a religious ceremony at their place of worship may in fact not be legally married if... Read more