“Common Law Marriage” – Does it Exist?

Increasingly more couples are choosing to live together rather than get married.  Recent data from the Office of National Statistics shows that cohabitation has increased by up to 25% over the last decade.

Many people believe that if they live with a partner for a number of years they will acquire rights in respect of their partners property. Unfortunately that is not the case and a partner who does not own a property could be in a difficult situation and find themselves with nowhere to live if they split up and may also not be able to take a financial claim against their former partner.

There are some circumstances where a person may acquire an interest in a property, for example, by paying the mortgage or contributing financially to an extension.

A Court making a decision regarding someone’s interest in a property would also need to consider whether the parties had a discussion about acquiring an interest in a property. Most claims against property are very fact specific, so expert advice is usually required to establish if you can pursue such a claim against a property.

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