Living with extended Family

A growing number of families have more than 2 generations living in the same property especially as it becomes more difficult to obtain mortgages and to get a foot on the property ladder.

National Grandparents Day will take place this year on Sunday 12th September. Many grandparents are very involved with their grandchildren providing many hours of childcare especially over the long summer holidays and enrich their grandchildren’s lives with their time and attention.

However unfortunately there are some circumstances where family relationships break down which can be even more difficult if the grandparents, parents and grandchildren are all living under the same roof.

If family relationships break down completely it can be difficult to decide how to resolve matters if both the parents and grandparents have contributed to the purchase price of a property. If a trust deed has been entered into then the shares which each person owns will be clearly defined however if there are arguments as to what financial contribution each person has made to the property which cannot be resolved then it may be necessary to take advice from a lawyer specialising in family property disputes.

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