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Unfair Dismissal

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Unfair Dismissal Disputes

An unfair dismissal is where you are dismissed from your job without a valid and fair reason, or if your employer doesn’t follow proper procedures in the dismissal process.

If you wish to challenge an unfair dismissal, you would likely first appeal the action, then attempt mediation or conciliation and finally, if all else has failed, lodge a claim through an employment tribunal.

Mediation is a useful process for finding an unfair dismissal dispute resolution between you and your employer. During unfair dismissal mediation, both parties will have a chance to discuss issues, past actions and potential future outcomes which would be agreeable.

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These talks will be mediated by a professional from Dodds Solicitors who can guide topics, help root out key information and keep talks constructive. Mediation requires both parties to be open and willing to reach a fair resolution. This can be particularly relevant in unfair dismissal disputes where both the employee and employer wish to maintain a positive relationship.

Mediation is quicker, more flexible and less costly – both in terms of money and stress – than legal action and so, when possible, should always be attempted before tribunals.

If you require the aid of experienced mediators in the Leicester area, get in touch with Dodds Solicitors. Our professionals would be more than happy to discuss your situation.

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