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Divorce & Separation Mediation

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Divorce & Separation Mediation

Dodds Solicitors and mediators can help you deal with the breakdown of a marriage swiftly, effectively and fairly. We understand that a divorce can be a difficult time, particularly if disputes are involved, and we therefore strive to provide a sensitive, personalised divorce mediation service to help you deal with the complexities involved in separation.

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The mediation service we provide is a way for both sides to constructively discuss and sort out issues that arise due to a separation, all with the aid of an unbiased mediator. Marriage disputes can be settled through a number of separation mediation sessions which allow you to establish personalised solutions which will work for you both.

Not only does this mediation process give you the power to work out agreements yourself, it is also much more cost effective than going through the courts.

Our professionals have the experience and knowledge to provide a fruitful mediation service and help you come to reasonable divorce dispute resolutions. Our Leicester team have many years of experience, are highly qualified and adept at dealing with all aspects of divorce mediation.

To discuss the mediation process further, or to establish whether your situation is appropriate for divorce mediation, get in touch with our experts today.

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